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    If you were not born in France and do not have the privilege of being a human Eurostar you may have felt this blog was a little scarily over-french, and, on the whole, very unwelcoming to your English-only synapses. Well, fear nothing my friend, for I have decided that this blog will be as schizophrenic as I am, and will display contents in both languages. So there's a bit for you in the Pages section here. I dare say the English titbits will actually be funnier than the French ones, which will be more, well, French, really. I'll try to post as often as I can, anything to do with translation and me but not just me, I don't want to make it an egocentric blog. I do realise there's something wrong with that last bit of the sentence, but you get the idea. I'm just not going to write about me, uni, my love life and that sort of thing. I'll write about not writing about it instead, apparently. Only in my bio will you read seriously personnal stuff, but that's only to explain why I speak and write both French and English, and to make potential employers see that I really can translate into both languages. Anyway, read, enjoy, and comment.


     Oh and I have a question : can a person be upcoming ? As in "I'm an upcoming translator" ? I was going to type it and then something stopped me, and now I'm not sure and I can't find anything about it. I suppose I could look it up in the library tomorrow but I'd rather give one of my wise readers the opportunity to show off.


Also, if you yourself have a blog or website about translation, being bilingual, Springsteen (my first -and only?- love), your passion for the French language or I don't know what else which you might deem relevant to this blog, feel free to post a link to here. My plan is to get loads of people from all over the world to read about me and then someday get a call from Mr Clooney asking me to be  the official subtitler for all his forthcoming films. Now, that's an idea, isn't it ?





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Thanks Mum. And George aka Tom. :D


Bonjour, mon nom est George... je parle le français pas très bien, je ne sais comment vous dites "What else" in French...


Hello again ! Re "upcoming",no what you mean is "up-and-coming" - qui est plein d'avenir, prometteur; upcoming is used for events that are imminent, happening in the future.
love u