To my English-speaking readers

Me      I've decided that I'll be feeding this blog with posts in French as well as  in English. I was going to make it an all-French thing at first but seriously I can't be asked, sometimes its just a relief to switch to English. Ultimately there'll be an English version of the whole blog but for now it will have to do.

     If you're reading this, chances are you're an English speaker, and if you have no knowledge of French at all, the gist of the matter may have eluded you. To make a long story short, I'm 24, studying translation (French-English-Spanish) in France, and my mum is British. And I've been gaga for Springsteen for the past 13 years. I sort of want to make it as a subtitler (but I'm also considering working for an agency, or even as a freelancer, or maybe just getting the hell out of the whole thing before my brain turns to mush). A friend of mine has done a short-film (watch the teaser here) and he was talking about putting in a word about me (the translator) on the film's website. And he said it'd be good if I had somewhere where people could read about me, so that someone who was so impressed with my work on the subtitles could find me and hire me. The whole blog idea had been nagging at me for years, but I could never get round to it as the idea of spending even more time on my computer  was positively revulsing. And I sort of always managed to let people know about me anyway (I'm that bubbly). But I finally bit the bullet, and I have to say this is quickly becoming an addiction.

      I'm sorry there's not much to read for you guys right now. I want to put little switches on every page, so that you can click on it and get the English me. I'm not sure this blog platform will let me do that.

Oh well.




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