That time of year again

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Here we are at that time of year when we're expected to observe new resolutions. If you can't be bothered thinking one up and then trying to keep it for a few days before falling back to your old ways, just don't. But if you're one of those people who are always making up lists of the things to do (ranging from "laundry" and "call owner about electricity bill" to "finish financial glossary" and "proof-read translation test"), then this post could hold 2011's resolution for you. A few months back I started using a task manager called Todoist. A task manager won't do your work for you and it might seem like yet another way to spend more time dithering about on your computer, but I think it's great for how it allows you to put down in writing all the todo's nagging in a corner of your brain and entrust them to the web instead. Web-based task managers were invented because a paper todo list usually gets lost or so full of random things written in the scrawniest of ways that it's undecipherable. Todoist is free to sign up, everything is on the web so you don't have to download anything, it's very simple to use, and apparently there's even a wedoist for team collaboration (what do you say, fellow Cetimiens, shall we try it? It might be better than hateful Googledocs).

Anyway, you can always try it and drop it circa mid-january.


Enjoy the last few days of 2010,


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Moi aussi je viens justement de me mettre à l'agenda personnalisé : disons que passer des heures à aller du coq à l'âne pour finalement m'apercevoir que je n'avais toujours pas envoyé le CV X ou le
test de traduction Y, ça pouvait juste plus durer ! Du coup je fais des essais avec google agenda et onenote de microsoft ... je crois que celui de google est plus pratique. on verra si ça rend les
idées plus claires !